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The Dodge Challenger: America's Strongest Muscle Car

The Dodge Challenger is bound to be the first vehicle most people think of when asked to picture a muscle car - and for good reason. Over the years, this vehicle has built up a strong reputation as a powerhouse; that reputation has been sustained through the decades. The Challenger is powerful and customizable, letting you choose from a range of models that are strong and that, without racetrack access, likely give you more power than you can test.


The Dodge Challenger's exterior has remained iconic throughout the years, maintaining some elements of its original styling, such as the overall shape. At the same time, you will notice modern features like projector headlamps, sporting quad LED halo surrounds and LED split taillamps. 


What Was Updated in the 2017 Dodge Challenger?

At a glance, the 2017 Dodge Challenger may appear identical to the previous model year, but there are actually several changes. The addition of four new color options to the list of exterior colors is probably the first thing you'll notice. In addition to the existing colors, you can now be bold with Yellow Jacket or Octane Red, a bit bold with Green Go, or stick to a neutral Destroyer Gray. All of the 2017 Challenger models also get the updated fourth generation of Uconnect, featuring smartphone integration via both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This updated system also starts quicker, has more processing power and can use swiping, pinching, and tapping for controls. It even seems more stylish and modern.

The most-updated 2017 Challenger is the Hellcat, which receives new low-gloss black, light 5Deep Aluminum 20-inch wheels. The wheels are lighter than those found on the 2016 model year and have a more muscular appearance. Dodge also paid attention to the number of aftermarket Hellcat badges sold and decided to include more of these as standard on the Challenger Hellcat. You now get a Hellcat logo to join the SRT logo along the rear spoiler, the passenger side's dash vent, and the front seats. There is even an eye-catching backlit SRT badge on your steering wheel, which will glow red; this badge also appears on non-Hellcat Challenger SRTs, but glows white.
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Creating an Icon: History of the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger has a long and somewhat interesting history, as it's one of the few vehicles that had a gap in availability within the United States. The Challenger debuted in the form of a 1970 model year with a wheelbase that was two inches longer than that of the Plymouth Barracuda, but otherwise shared that model's long-hood and short deck platform. The first Dodge Challenger was available with an impressive array of options, including a two-door convertible or coupe, four trims, and nine powertrains with 145 to 425 horsepower. The 1971 Dodge Challenger saw some subtle stylistic updates along with a reduction in available configurations; Dodge dropped some trims along with two powertrains due to emissions regulations, and by 1972, Dodge only offered three engines. Dodge ended production in 1974 but, from 1978 to 1984, still imported a Mitsubishi-built model into the United States. The Challenger made its return as a 2008 model year, with the full lineup arriving for 2009.


Drive the New Dodge Challenger

Who doesn't love driving a high performance, stylish car like the Dodge Challenger? It is truly a car made for the scenic route. Don't rely only what you read: Get out and test drive a couple of different models. Our friendly experts at Chris Myers Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Daphne, AL, are happy to help you get the answers you need. We offer competitive financing rates and are happy to supply you with a garage staffed with certified mechanics for your maintenance and care needs. 

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